Ages 11-13

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In the Lower School (Ages 11-13) your child will discover a love of learning English in an environment that will build their confidence both academically and socially.

Students who are aged 11, 12 and 13 attend our Intensive General English Programme. Before arrival, students take a pre-course test and are put into a class with students of the same level and age. In small classes (maximum 12) students have the opportunity to speak English as much as possible through authentic communicative activities with a test at the end of the week to see how they have progressed.

In the afternoons, students will have lessons with English-speaking boys and girls from Whitgift School in our project-based course, Progressive Skills in Action.

At the end of every week we send parents a report so they can see what their child has been doing in their classes  and at the end of the course, every student receives an end of course report, with detailed advice from teachers for their future studies in English.

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