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Top School for Sport 2020

School Sport Magazine | January 2021

Whitgift's 'Sport for all' philosophy

Our vision is to provide an inclusive and nurturing environment that inspires our pupils to be resilient and independent learners, who develop a lifelong passion for physical activity.

Whitgift Sport challenges all students to embrace failure, pursue their ambitions whilst promoting tolerance, humility, and respect.

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    Sport plays an integral role in the education and wellbeing of Whitgiftian’s. We passionately believe that ‘sport is for all’ and aim to provide every pupil with a sense of fulfilment and pride in each of their sporting accomplishments. Our ethos is focused around mass participation, providing a range of opportunities, and establishing appropriate structures to support the highest level of achievement possible for each boy. 

    Whitgiftian’s, regardless of ability, participate in a wide range of both competitive and recreational co-curricular activities. There are over 40 available through the school week and at weekends, each with a tailored programme to advance and support high level performance, whilst continuing to provide considerable recreational participation opportunities.

    Over the last decade, Whitgiftians have won over 300 national titles across an incredible range of sporting activities, earning the School a reputation for Sporting excellence. This success stems from a culture that wholeheartedly embraces inclusion and participation and the wider value of Sport in a students' overall development.  We are as proud of the achievements of those who simply take part for the ‘love of sport’ as much as we are of those in our competitive teams. We ensure that our sporting philosophy inspires the novice just as much as the elite. 

    The sports department is staffed with 32 colleagues who derive from an educational and professional sporting background. Their breadth and depth of experience provides a transformational environment, in which the needs of every student are met. Our sporting facilities are truly exceptional and are used by numerous international teams and professional clubs, further highlighting that Whitgift Sport is second to none.

    Whitgift’s talented and dedicated coaching teams, outstanding facilities and tailored provision will provide your son with an inspirational environment in which to learn, be challenged and embrace their sporting passions.