Summer School Life

International students who come to Whitgift Summer School have the unique opportunity to meet, study and make friends with our Student Hosts from Whitgift School and Old Palace of John Whitgift. It is hoped that a stay at Whitgift Summer School offers students the chance to achieve far beyond what they thought was capable.

The philosophy at Whitgift Summer School is to ensure that every student who takes part in our programme is put first. In the classroom, during activities,  in the boarding house or on excursions, a student centered approach is taken. We want our students to improve - not only their English - but their social skills and all-round confidence. Our English course is supplemented by a varied Activity Programme in the afternoons and evenings. Outside of the school, students have the chance to partake in  two weekly excursions to some of the most popular sights on offer in London and the south of England.