Whitgift For All 

An extraordinary education and a force for social good. Changing lives since 1596.

John Whitgift founded our school 400 years ago, for the ‘poorer sorte’ in the Borough of Croydon.  Whitgift has now become one of Britain’s finest schools - every single Old Whitgiftian has benefitted from John Whitgift’s vision, generosity and foresight.  Inspired by the philosophy of our founder we are committed to launching an ambitious bursary programme where we can produce suitable income from philanthropic donations to support a wider range of deserving pupils through immediate bursarial support.  The aim of our Bursary Programme is really simple, we want to send children from every part of society out into the modern-day world where they are outstanding.

These bursaries benefit our whole school community because they enrich our school by enhancing academic and wider curricular standards and continuing to make us a more socially cohesive community. Bursaries also reinforce the aspirational and inclusive nature of the School - boys from all walks of life can be part of a supportive and diverse community where success is a product of their own ability and hard work, rather than their social and economic background.

How to Donate

The generosity of our alumni, parents and friends is at the core of what makes Whitgift special and continues to make a vital contribution to our mission.

We are immensely grateful to those who continue to volunteer their time and philanthropically fund key projects. This support provides invaluable opportunities to our pupils, creates inspiring spaces for teaching and learning and helps us offer more boys a Whitgift education by the way of scholarships and fee remission.

Thank you for considering making a gift to invest in Whitgift’s future. Your support is essential in helping us to provide an extraordinary education to young men of all backgrounds, for generations to come.

Donation Methods

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Recognising your support

We are extremely grateful to all our donors, and we recognise and celebrate their support through publications, special events and giving circles. Of course, donors may remain anonymous if they wish.

The names of all donors are included in the Donor List for the year of the gift. Our regular donors receive special recognition for their ongoing loyalty.

Donors Circles