Whitgift owes its foundation to a legacy.
In addition, its current financial position and a number of its buildings that have been added over the years can be attributed to bequests. You may wish to support Whitgift to honour the influences that shaped your life, or to ensure that no-one is denied a Whitgift education due to financial hardship, or you may choose to do so simply because you love your school.  Whatever your reasons, the School will be delighted if you make a provision for Whitgift in your Will.

Why Leave a Legacy? 
We realise that it might not be practical for OWs to offer Whitgift financial support during their lifetime. Making a contribution to future generations by the way of a legacy or bequest is an excellent way to ensure that the School moves into the future with confidence. 

  • Allow Whitgift to continue to thrive and attract the most talented pupils regardless of their financial background.
  • Strengthen the link between Whitgift’s alumni and other benefactors and today’s pupils who are benefiting from the generosity of earlier generations donations. 
  • Support Whitgift’s future without affecting finances today, leaving a legacy is the perfect way to make a provision for the School. 

As the School is a registered charity, a gift in your Will is exempt from UK inheritance tax.  This is strengthened by UK legislation introduced in 2012, which allows for a reduction in the inheritance tax from 40% to 36%, imposed on those who leave 10% or more of their net estate to charity. The overall tax liability of your entire estate could be reduced by leaving a legacy to Whitgift.

The Founder’s Circle
You may wish to support Whitgift because you feel that it was part of your passport to success in life and you want to give something back, or you want to help students deal with unexpected hardship, to ensure that no-one is denied opportunity for financial reasons, or you may choose to do so simply because you love the place. Whatever your reasons, the School will be delighted if you make a provision for Whitgift in your Will.

If you do include the School in your Will, please let us know. This will help us to plan for the future and enable us to thank you for your support. Any information you give us will be treated in strict confidence and does not involve you in any binding commitment. We will recognise your generosity by inviting you to membership of the Founder’s Circle. The Circle is exclusively for legacy donors, who receive an annual invitation from the Headmaster to attend a special garden party. Members are also listed in the Annual List of Donors unless they prefer to remain anonymous.

All sizes of legacy are vital to the School's future. We very much hope that you will wish to support the School in this way and to become a member of this exclusive and very special donors' society.

Boys outside on Founder's Day 

Types of legacy

Peacock in Andrew Quadrant 

Of course writing a Will is a deeply personal matter, at the heart of which is a desire to help the people closest to you, but it is also a means by which you might continue to shape the future for generations to come. You can secure the best possible legacy for tomorrow by helping the brightest and most deserving boys benefit from a Whitgift education allowing them to strive for the knowledge and progress that will benefit humankind in years to come. We are asking you to make a legacy to Whitgift not because of what the school was in the past or what it is in the present but for what it could be in the future.